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The P & T Collect Co., LTD was founded by Mr.Kangtao Zheng, a Chinese businessman with love in Thailand and Mrs. Kanlaya Zheng. The intention of the company establishment and doing business in Thailand is to create high quality products through the Esxense brand at a price that customers can easily afford with distribution channels that provides them the convenience to purchase, such as, 7-11, Lotus, Lotus Express, Big C, Tops, Family Mart, Foodland and etc.

We also find distributors in foreign sales channels to cover consumer needs and to spread the standards and quality of Thai products to create reputation abroad.

Our business determination is honesty, sincerity, commitment and social responsibility, including family management, for the employees to be happy in their work and are ready to provide good service to customers.

We pay attention to every product for the best quality before going to the market,

including searching for new technology and develop product quality to be accepted both domestically and internationally.

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