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WE ARE PRETTY TOGETHERChomnita Miracle Skincare is a manufacturer and distributor to test and develop all our products to ensure excellent results, sa..
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Chomnita Miracle Skincare is a manufacturer and distributor to test and develop all our products to ensure excellent results, safety, and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price to make every woman radiantly attractive. Our products are pleasant to the touch and other senses every time they are applied on your skin. Most important our products are FDA approved with proper registration numbers accrediting to international safety standard. Our resolution on premium quality, consumer safety, and beauty is not compromised. Therefore, Chomnita plans to distribute its products at a higher value than their actual price. In the long run users do not suffer from side effects or allergic reactions based on our product concept of “We are beauty together”.

• Our research covers factors that affect Women’s skin health such as air pollution, weather conditions, including air conditioning, stress and fatigue, and others. Due to the prevalence of these factors today, Chomnita believes increasingly everyone will need effective skin care products of affordable prices. We value two important features:

- The new generations should maintain the natural state of the skin by treating or coping with the diverse factors in our complex environment.

- They should take time to use treatment, therapy or care for their own skin.

Products under Chomnita Brand

• Series White Arab Soap

• Arab Whitening Soap whiten your skin, reduces scaring, stretch marks, striped marks and scars.

• Kiss My Lip is a lip care product with balm protective effect to mitigate dark lips, lip cracks and freckles, has UV protection.

• Color Bright BB SPF 60 Glutathione, fair skin, glittering, UV screen, a two in 1 mixture of glutathione and collagen, fairer and healthier with frequent use, and most important no chemicals.

• Clear Dark eliminates striped, stretched and dark butt, including rough knees, elbows and ankle skin. For women wearing hot pants is no longer dreadful because both your top and lower cheeks will fair and gorgeous.

• De Power the ultimate whitening body mask, 100% no chemical, just leave on 5-10 minutes before the shower, your skin brightens.

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Hotline: 0947 781 026